A definite improvement

Dear Singers, ex-Singers, friends of Chagford Singers, we wish you all a very happy Christmas.

With 18 carols on the menu for last evening's singalong it was going to be a challenge to get them all in within 90 minutes- one which we quite happily failed.

It was lovely to once again have a dozen of us online, mastering some of the harmonies, failing to do so with others, and being impressed by members' remembered carols from their school days - en Francaise. It was also a real treat to catch up with some members we hadn't seen since lockdown began in March.

Next Wednesday 16th at 7:00 will be our last carolling session and we are throwing open our laptops to welcome on zoom all our members, friends and family. Please wear your Christmas hat, earrings, sunglasses (oh yes ..), sweater or red nose, have a glass of mulled wine on hand to ease your vocal chords and show off with a mince pie or two.

Don't be shy. The Mute button ensures that the only voice we hear during each carol is that of our maestro on his keyboard.

We will not meet again until the new year and it will be wonderful to see this one out with a Chagford Singers' choral bang.

Use the site e-mail to let Jan know if you can make it and if there is anyone you would like her to add to the list for the invitation circular. Otherwise, feel free to pass on the zoom details that you will receive next weekend.

Looking forward to (mostly not) hearing you,


Chair - Chagford Singers

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