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(kindly forwarded by Iain Melville)


Today is an important day for us. Today we launch RADIO CHORAL.

This is a radio station started by us to play ONLY Choral Music worldwide 24 hours a day.

No news, no advertising - just choral music.

We have been working behind the scenes over several months to launch RADIO CHORAL and you can tune in right now at We are so excited by this development. I hope it will serve to widen our knowledge and appreciation of choral music. It also allows us to broadcast the pieces we are going to learn with The Self-Isolation Choir so that we can become more familiar with them before the course starts.


At the moment, Radio Choral is free and open to anyone. The Self-Isolation Choir is, of course, the first to know. We shall keep it free until 1st January 2021 when we shall ask for £5 per month and we shall introduce presenters to host regular slots on Radio Choral.

Until early January 2021, new shall play music with no presenters to check that everything is in working order.


In early January 2021 we shall introduce regular presenters who will include Mark Strachan, Ben England BEM and others. We shall also invite members of The Self-Isolation Choir to present shows - and all of this can be done from our own homes. During these shows, we shall discuss the pieces we are learning with the SIC - as an example, let us take Elijah. We can hold interviews with Ashley Riches and the Fieri Consort to find out more “behind the scenes” information.


We shall play our favourite music, old music, new music AND of course the ACTUAL tracks recorded by The Self-Isolation Choir. So now not only are many of you recording artists, but you will also be radio stars!


You will hear several different Jingles for Radio Choral. Well, no radio station would be complete without them! Ours are very “choral” and were recorded by our very own Fieri Consort. My thanks to them for these.


Go to click LISTEN. Pass on the link to anyone and everyone.


We are broadcasting choral music 24 hours a day - via your computer or on your phone. There is no “app” as yet (although this is coming) so on your phone please use Safari, Chrome or your internet browser and type in and we’ll be there!


We shall begin to broadcast our concerts on Radio Choral simultaneously with the other broadcasting channels.

I hope you enjoy RADIO CHORAL and that you enjoy the music, uninterrupted by advertising - other than the occasional Radio Choral jingle!


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