We wish you a merry Christmas and a very happy New Year

Friends joined us for our last carol singalong last week, with Santa hats, glasses full of festive cheer and (as you can see above) a lot of fingers poking away at the Mute button.

With huge thanks to Jonno for riding with our tricky suggestion and making it not only work but also be great fun. His Open-Mute plan for our final chord of each carol worked tremendously well.

Plans are afoot to reprise this exercise but with a focus on exercising our vocal muscles and getting in trim for a restart sometime (early) next year. We will update you.

My personal thanks to our wonderful committee members, to all who sang along with us, all who would have wished to but did not have the IT available, all who have kept in touch.

The Chagford Singers committee wish you a warm and loving Christmas - at whatever distance - and a brighter, better year to come.

When all else fails you and things seem bleak, SING OUT and look to better days.

Shelley - Chair

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